Cremiger Frühlingsblütenhonig

Creamy honey

from spring flowers and sunflower


In our region, bees find a huge variety of different flowers, giving the honey a refined and most complex mixture of aromas and flavours compared to single-type honey (like rapeseed, sunflower or lime blossom honey).


After harvesting, the honey is gently extracted to preserve all vitamins, enzymes and mineral nutrients. It is never heated to over 40°C. After extraction, the honey is filled into 30l containers and stirred  20 minutes every day. After 2 weeks, this method gives the honey its creamy texture and bright colour. The honey is spreadable and no longer runny.


Filling is also done by hand. This takes longer and is more expensive, but is the only method in which the honey does not have to be heated again. Each jar is infinitesimally different from every other, conveying the pure flavour of an authentic agricultural product.


The packaging is designed to highlight the excellent quality of this natural product. The fact that honey is sensitive to light (vitamins!) is widely unknown. We therefore put the jars in an extra cardboard box to ensure that even longer storage life in the shops will not deteriorate quality.

An Irresistible Austrian
Riesling Beckons

Published: May 9, 2011

"...well. This unsanctioned wine was exactly
the sort of exciting, inspiring, refreshing, mineral-laden wine that comes to mind
when I think of Austrian rieslings..."

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