DI Maximilian Hardegg

History of the Hardegg Family

Heinrich Prueschenk, together with his brother Sigmund, were financial, military and private advisors to Emperor Friedrich III. And they continued to lend their trusted support to his son, Emperor Maximilian I, who rewarded them with great lands and titles.

But the next century witnessed the slow decline of the family fortune. This culminated in 1635, when Count Julius III of Hardegg, after inheriting so many debts from his father, Count Johann Wilhelm, was forced to sell the fortress to Baron St Julien.

The Hardeggs had acquired the castles and accompanying lands of Stetteldorf and Seefeld in 1632, and it was there the family moved in 1635. In 1650, however, the brothers Count Johann Julius Adam and Count Johann Conrad Friedrich divided the estates and established two family branches. The Stetteldorf branch died out in 1945; the younger branch remains in Seefeld to this day.

Maximilian Hardegg

Today, after more than 500 years of family history in the Weinviertel and Waldviertel regions of Austria, Maximilian Hardegg lives in Seefeld-Kadolz with his family. He tries his best to preserve the heritage of the Graf Hardegg nobility, while maintaining a contemporary lifestyle and economic outlook.

”Quality from tradition“

”Keep the tried and tested, and improve the new – only then can I consciously pass all this on from one generation to the next.“

Treats from the farm

» Native rapeseed oil
» Creamy spring flower honey


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